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Client Testimonials

"A friend, who is an educator, recommended the Gebbie clinic. The evaluation was done in a state-of-the-art setting. There was a SU staff person along with graduate students who worked with my son. I was presented with a stunningly complete report that included exactly what his speech abnormalities were and a plan to correct them. He was subsequently approved for services through our school district. I continued to take my son to the Gebbie clinic for therapy. He received services for nine months and is now a successful and clear-spoken first grader."

"My husband has attended individual and group sessions. He especially likes the group sessions. Feels very comfortable with members of the group, students and staff. We are happy to have this opportunitiy in our community."

"Our student clinician was the consummate professional - kind, passionate and very helpful. She answered all of my questions, did research and went above and beyond to find extra tools to assist in my recovery. I cannot thank her enough!"

"My twin boys and our family are so grateful for the assistance the Gebbie Clinic, Meg Lister specifically, has provided for our children. We are lucky to have your help! Thank you for all the support you provide!"

"It has been one of the most important ongoing programs that continues to provide my son with the services that he continues to need. He benefits greatly from going to the Gebbie Clinic."

"The Gebbie Clinic provides masterful and exemplary service!! Thank You!"

"We have been very pleased with the service we have received by the supervisor and student clinicians that we have been assigned. They have been very accomodating and worked well with both our child and ourselves. They have sought our input and put our suggestions into practice. They have offered suggestions for us to work on at home as well. It has seemed like a team effort."

"Our clinician who worked with our son weekly was fantastic! She was very attentive, creative, interactive and engaging. She brought out the best in our son."

"I am very happy with the progress my daughter has made over the past year. Her clinicians have developed a great rapport with her and are very knowledgeable. Anita was an extraordinary clinical supervisor. She would touch base with me every week and let me know new things they were going to try and do to help my daughter with her speech. Thank you!"

"Tara Jones and our student clinician provided us with an outstanding experience for our son. We are very pleased with his sessions and the services he was provided!"

"Our son really enjoyed his time with the student clinician. He would often refer to his sessions and the tactics he learned throughout the week and he really looked forward t meeting every week. Thank you to our student clinician and Clinical Supervisor, Anita."

"My husband has been coming to the Gebbie Clinic since March 2015. He looks forward to his group sessions and we are still seeing improvements over time in his speech. He feels comfortable here and has built a wonderful rapport with the staff and students. I am grateful he has this opportunity."